Soup for Dinner?

Growing up, I never was a fan of soup unless I was sick.   I never liked how much broth is in soup, and would always just throw it out when I finished the "meat". 

Over the last several years, I have grown to LOVE soup.  I finally realized that I DO like soups as long as they have lots of stuff in it- rice, veggies, meatballs, lentils, etc.  My husband still loves his brothy soups- french onion and hot and sour, so I will make them on occasion, but there are just so many advantages to making a hearty soup.

-It can be a one course meal- perfect for a large family

-It is usually loaded with vitamins

-You can use up all your leftover stragglers in the fridge- the stalk of celery, that lone carrot, and the little bit of spinach at the bottom of the fridge. 

-Soup can usually be a pretty healthy, low fat dinner

-You can make it earlier in the day and be done cooking dinner at a decent hour

We have a lot of big eaters in our family, so soup may not seem like a good idea as the "main course" in our home.

In fact, my husband came home last week and said what's for dinner?

When I said "Thai chicken soup" (which happens to be his FAVORITE soup), he said "THAT'S IT?"

It really is a good question, and I wasn't offended because I know soup doesn't seem like a lot when you are a big eater and are REALLY hungry.  So, how can I feed a family of six with just soup?

Although I mentioned that soup can be a one course meal, I usually make a few other things to go with it to make it more exciting, and to satisfy all the big bellies around here.

First, I choose a nice hearty soup that has lots of stuff in it (veggies, rice, chicken, beef, beans, etc)
 and then I make a nice salad

 and homemade wheat bread to go with it, and fruit salad for dessert,
 and suddenly it doesn't seem so bad.

Soup for dinner can actually be very satisfying, even to a big family with lots of hungry boys.

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