Friday, May 11, 2012

Roasted yellow peppers

It is pretty hard for me to pass up a good deal, so when the produce guy at the flea market offered me all of these for $5.00 (about 15 yellow peppers), I couldn’t resist.

Actually, after I accepted the offer, I was upset with myself for not offering him $3.00 because it was towards the end of the morning, and he was ready to finish up, so I’m pretty sure he would have taken that offer. 

I really had no idea what I was gonna do with all of these, but this is how I shop- I only buy things that are a great price, and then I figure out what to do with it later.

I took about 4 of the peppers and chopped them up and froze in 2 separate bags to use next time I make Thai Chicken Soup.

With the rest, I figured I would try roasting them.

When I worked at an Italian restaurant, I realized how simple it was to roast peppers, but I had only ever roasted red peppers, so the question remained, can I roast YELLOW peppers? 

I figured the flavor should be similar to that of red peppers, but that remains to be seen.
First I washed all the peppers in a bowl of soap and water, then put them on the grill (technically I believe you are supposed to slowly roast them in the oven for the best flavor, but I love to grill them when it’s too hot out to use an oven, and they also cook much faster this way).
I usually put the grill cover down, but be sure the heat is turned down to a medium low, and set the timer for about 5 minutes because those hot spots on the grill with char them to a crisp!
You want the skin of the peppers to get nice and black, but you don’t want the whole pepper charred.
Turn them about every 5 minutes, and they should end up looking like this

I then put them in a 13X9 casserole dish and cover with plastic wrap for about 20 minutes while they cool.
Once they are cool, peel the skin off (if they are roasted properly, the skin should slide right off) and remove seeds. 

Now they should look like this.
I froze these to use in one of my favorite recipes- chicken-penne salad with green beans.

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